Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The 2019 Wister Medal Winners

The American Iris Society Announces
The 2019 Wister Medal Winners

'Autumn Explosion'
'Daring Deception'

This medal is restricted to tall bearded (TB) irises. It is named in honor of John C. Wister. Three medals are awarded each year.

John C. Wister led the organizing meeting that created the American Iris Society and became its first president, a position he held for fourteen years. He guided the society through its formative years.

This year's three Wister Medals are:

'Autumn Explosion' by Rick Tasco:

Image by K. Brewitt
Early midseason bloom and rebloom. Standards warm white ground covered with red pansy-purple (RHS 83A) dots becoming almost solid towards the edges; style arms pansy-purple ridges, light lavender-white middle, lime-yellow edge, fringed pansy-purple crests; Falls cold-white ground covered with darker red pansy-purple dots becoming darker towards the edges, speckling intensity can vary from flower to flower; beard hairs based white, tips golden-yellow in middle and throat, purple-white at end; sweet fragrance; lightly ruffled. 'Mariposa Autumn' X 'Celestial Explosion'. Superstition 2013. Honorable Mention 2015. Award of Merit 2017.

'Daring Deception' by Thomas Johnson:

Image by Paul Black
Midseason bloom. Standards white, light violet wash up midrib; style arms white; falls plush violet, wide white band, white spray on either side of beard; beards tangerine; slight fragrance. 'By Jeeves' X Blyth seedling# O77-A: ('Hold My Hand' x 'Brave Face'). Mid-America 2012. Honorable Mention 2014. Award of Merit 2016.

'Insaniac' by Thomas Johnson:

Image by Paul Black

Midseason bloom. Standards white, pencil thin gold halo; style arms white, yellow edged crests; falls white overlaid with red violet lines radiating out to wide rimmed yellow-white edge; beards tangerine; slight fragrance. 'Bright Sunshiny Day' sibling X ' Painter's Touch'. Mid-America 2012. Honorable Mention 2014, Award of Merit 2016.

The World of Irises blog will be posting once a day all of the medal winners. The entire list of winners can be found at the AIS website, the AIS Encyclopedia and later in the AIS Bulletin, IRISES.

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