Wednesday, November 23, 2022

2022 Photo Contest Winners: Pets, Wildlife, or Garden Art with Irises

 Every year the American Iris Society (AIS) sponsors a photo contest to celebrate irises, their use in garden and natural settings, and the people who grow and hybridize them. 

We are pleased to announce the following winners of the 2022 AIS photo contest:

Pets, Wildlife or Garden Art with Irises

First Place – “Light Beam”

photo by Margaret E. Edgington, Fritch, Texas

Second Place – “Ants on Spuria, ‘Rodeo Blue’”

photo by Anna Cadd, Healdsburg, California

Honorable Mention  “New Perspective”

photo by Margaret E. Edgington, Fritch, Texas

First Place Youth – “ Art in the Iris Garden”

photo by Wyatt Willis, Dyersburg, Tennessee

During this contest, photographers submitted entries in the categories listed below, which vary from year to year. Next, a panel of three to five judges reviewed submissions and voted for adult and youth winners for each category. Additional information about the annual photo contest can be found on the AIS website.

Visit other World of Irises blog posts to see 2022 award-winning photos in each category:

  1. Irises in a landscape or garden
  2. Irises in a field
  3. A person or people at iris events or tours with irises
  4. Close-up of an iris or irises
  5. Iris photos – macro
  6. Photos of pets, wildlife, or garden art with the irises (link available after 11/23)
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