Monday, August 12, 2013

Perks of the "job"

by Jim Murrain

One of the perks of working with the SIGNA (Species Iris Group of North America) Seed Exchange is meeting people from all over the world that have a keen interest in species Iris.

I sometimes get to see newly collected and named irises like these Chinese selections of Iris tigridia in novel colors. I expect they will become available sometime in the near future.

Also these Japanese seedlings of Iris rossii
The first being typical while the next shows a pale blue flower,

a near white flower,

and an attempt at a double flower. 
This only hints at the untapped potential of this species.

I am also privileged to see photos of very rare and beautiful 
Chinese Iris like I. qinghainica,  

Iris collettii,

and this unusual form of Iris barbatula.

There are also many surprises like this Iris that looks like I. tectorum.

Until you see the gigantic foliage. I. tectorum on steroids?

There are also mysterious irises that appear occasionally on a photo taken 
by a tourist not aware that the Iris was unknown to the rest of the world.

This beauty was captured on film in Northeast India. 
Alas, it was not collected and only exists in the wild.

My final entry today is also a mystery. It was sold by a Chinese nursery to an avid collector in Europe as another species. But, this is Iris new to science. The perplexed owner shared it with a friend who was not satisfied with the mystery and searched for a name to no avail. I hope it will soon be named and another Iris species will grace our gardens.

Fortunately it is self fertile and has set several pods this year. 
My fingers are crossed that we will all get to enjoy this new Iris very soon.

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  1. And again - what amazing things - especially that unidentified Indian. Is seed of the unknown Chinese one available?


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