Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Egyptian Queen' takes the 2013 William Mohr Medal

by Jim Murrain

I am thrilled to announce the winner of the 2013 William Mohr Medal is 
Tom Johnson of Oregon for his 'Egyptian Queen'.

Photo by   Tom Johnson
Here is the description from the Iris Encyclopedia.

'Egyptian Queen' OGB- (Thomas Johnson, R. 2007). Sdlg. #TU289C. AB, 20” (51 cm), M. S. medium lilac, rosy copper midribs, fine network of veins overall; style arms tan copper, large; F. riose copper blending to tan copper; muted gold hafts; velvety black cherry signals; beards bright yellow, slight fragrance. 'Hot Jazz' X 'Onlooker'. Sib to 'Octave'. Mid-America Garden, 2007. Honorable Mention 2009; Award of Merit 2011

This is Tom's second win two years running. He won in 2012 for his Iris 'Suspect'. Many thanks to Tom Johnson for bringing us another easy to grow Arilbred Iris with the exotic look of the desert irises of the Middle East. As an OGB- this is over half bearded Iris heritage ensuring that it will prosper in many diverse climates.
For information about this award go here.

For more information about Aril and Arilbred irises please visit the Aril Society International website    and consider joining this vibrant group of Iris lovers.

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