Monday, August 26, 2013

Iris Classics: "Pretty Pansy"

By Mike Unser

From a cross of the lovely historic iris 'Bertha Gersdorff' by the classic 'Moonlit Sea' we were blessed with a new variety in the now-termed 'luminata' pattern: 'Pretty Pansy', a wonderful introduction from the Sass Bros. in 1946. They had often followed breeding lines where this rare and recessive pattern appeared so it was no surprise that this lovely flower would make a big splash in the iris world.

It was described in the Iris Test Gardens catalog for 1954 as:
" 'A purple and white of Moonlit Sea coloring without the yellow. 36 inch stems.' Our comment: 'Here is a knockout, different from anything we have seen, will attract attention anywhere. A fine thing.'"

A fine thing, indeed. The white heart combined with the fresh purple wash makes the entire bloom glow from within - grabbing the eye and pulling the viewer in. This pattern has often been followed and today has been expanded to many other color classes, but it all started back in the '40's when the Sass Brothers pursued their vision of what irises could be.

'Pretty Pansy' is an excellent grower and is easily found. Consider adding it to your garden. You won't be sorry.

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  1. Very pretty! I especially like the photo with the coordinating bi-tone irises in the background. I remember an iris that looked like this one from my grandfather's garden in Kansas. His had a slight sweet aroma... Does 'Pretty Pansy' have any scent?


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