Friday, April 27, 2012

My Favorite Irises: Jim Hedgecock Tries To Choose

In his recent article included in the April issue of IRISES, The Bulletin of The American Iris Society, Hybridizer Jim Hedgecock from Gower, Missouri, explains his trouble picking his favorite spuria irises from the many available in his own garden, and we can see why. Take a look at some of the ones included just for the Spring Issue of IRISES, and why he likes them:

Jim says about these, "‘Blueberry Sundae’ (2000). This is one of Dave Niswonger’s best ever spurias in my book. I love this subtle, pale blue blend. It is one of those unique spurias that you won’t mix up with others in the garden.

‘Piper May’ is a 2009 Charlie Jenkins introduction that has exploded in popularity. The standards are reddish purple with falls that are bright yellow with stitches and striations of reddish purple over the lower two-thirds of the petals. 

‘Mythical Nights’ (Hedgecock, 2009) is one of my first introductions, and I am partial to it because it has such clean, dark navy and blue purple blended flowers. There aren’t very many in this color range in spurias. 

‘Elfin Sunshine’ (Jenkins, 1998) is one of my favorites because it blooms almost two weeks ahead of the main spuria crowd. This little showoff just captures everyone’s heart. The small flowers on short stalks are pale yellow blending to dark yellow." 

The full article contains more information about Jim Hedgecock's hybridizing work and more of his favorite spurias.

For more information about spuria irises, tips on how to grow them, and a directory of commercial sources, check the Spuria Iris Society website.

IRISES is a quarterly publication available in print or digital formats to members of The American Iris Society. For AIS membership information please see our website here.

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