Wednesday, April 11, 2012

LA Irises in Northwest Louisiana

Louisiana (LA) irises are blooming two weeks early in Northwest LA.  I headed out with my camera this morning and took a few pictures to share with you.

'Cedar Bayou' by K. Strawn (1993)
'Cedar Bayou' has a good LA name and is a very pretty violet-blue LA iris.  Interestingly it came from a cross of 'Acadian Miss' (C. Arny, 1980) and 'Easter Tide' (C. Arny, 1979).  'Acadian Miss' is a nice white iris and 'Easter Tide' is a bi-color, yellow and lavender, so you never know what you will get when you cross two irises.

'Bayou Tiger' by K. Strawn (1993)
'Bayou Tiger' also has a great LA name and is a favorite among the LSU fan.  The LSU tigers use the colors purple and gold and this iris is very close to those colors. 'Bayou Tiger' won an honorable mention in 2001.

'Wine and Dine' by J. C. Taylor (1989)
J. C. Taylor grows LA irises in Australia.  He has hybridized (crossed) many LA irises and has given iris lovers some real beauties.

'Gertie Butler' by Charles Arny (1989)

'Gertie Butler' has a beautiful spray pattern on the falls.  Another great LA iris with this spray pattern but in a darker color is 'C'est Si Bon' by JC Taylor (1983).  I'll post a picture of 'C'est Si Bon' when it blooms.

'Enviable' by M.D. Faith (2002)
M. D. Faith lives in Searcy, AR, near Little Rock, and grows many tall bearded and LA irises.  He has hybridized many irises and the iris he named for his good friend, who got M.D. interested in hybridizing, 'My Friend Dick' won the Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal (highest award given to LA irises) (although I guess they could win the Dykes Medal).

'Seminole Sunrise' by Harry Wolford (2004)
Harry Wolford is the president of the Society for Louisiana Irises and lives in Palm Bay, FL.  Harry used to grow and hybridize tall bearded irises when he lived in Ohio.  He retired and moved to FL and his tall bearded irises did not like the heat, so he started growing and hybridizing LA irises.  He likes to name his irises "Seminole" for some reason!

'Creole Can Can' by Marvin Grainger (1956)
Marvin Grainger from south LA found a natural hybrid double growing in the marshes of south LA.  He used this double to produce several other LA iris doubles.  'Starlite Starbrite' is one of my favorite doubles and is white. It always wins an award when entered in a show.

I'll post some more LA iris pictures as they bloom. Unless I get too busy!

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