Monday, May 18, 2020

This Year in Images

By Bryce Williamson

Somehow in all this trauma, it is good to look at images from this year's bloom and hope for the best for people and a good iris season.

Here are a few things I liked.


'All About Spring'
'All Smiles'
'Bottled Lightening'
'Magnificent Masterpiece'

'Coal Seams'
'First Prize'
'Rusty Taylor'
'Global Crossings'

'Raven Girl'
'Cosmic Voyage'
'Down In Mexico'

'Hearts on Fire'
'Deeper Meaning'

'Perry Dyer'


  1. First PRize and Rusty Taylor look great together. I never would have thought so. All About Spring is especially delightful.

  2. Really like Bottled Lightening. Very unusual. It'd be great in a Gothic-themed garden.

  3. deeper meaning,my favorite...

  4. Nice images Bryce. It is peaceful to concentrate on irises for a while.


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