Monday, May 11, 2020

On the Road Again—Mid America Gardens

By Bryce Williamson

After my visit to Schreiner’s Garden, I headed over to Mid America Gardens. For some reason and even thought I have been there numerous times, I always get lost. Once my infallible since of direction would have only required one visit to a place and then I could back, but that was once upon a time in a distant galaxy.

I first went to the main garden and was amazed at the expansion of Mid America’s perennial business. There I met Thomas Johnson and he suggested that I visit the other garden down the road, mentioning that Paul Black was in that garden.

As has been the case with all my One the Road Again posts about Oregon and Washington, I have combined images and comments from the last two years.

Sadly, this series is drawing to a close. After this post, the final two articles will about Aitken’s Salmon Creek and Mt. Pleasant Iris Farm, both in Washington. Sadly with the shelter in place this year, no new garden visits will be possible.

Thomas Johnson in the new field
Paul Black X89H

Paul Black Y19A

Paul Black Y123E

Thomas Johnson TJ41-A

'In Full View'--Thomas Johnson 2020

Thomas Johnson TJ246-22

Thomas Johnson TJ240A
And some images from Region 13's 2918 Spring meeting:

Barry Blyth's 'A Certain Girl'

'Break Tradition'

'Kiss the Frog'--This Paul Black iris has a future with flower arrangers

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