Monday, January 20, 2020

IRISES: The Bulletin of the AIS - Winter 2020 Edition

By Andi Rivarola

A warm welcome to those who are seeing IRISES, the Bulletin of The American Iris Society for the first time. If you are a member of The American Iris Society I hope you enjoy this new issue.

The Fall issue of the AIS Bulletin will be available online soon, accessible via the Emembers section of the AIS website. The print copy has been mailed via the U.S. Post Office. On the cover, the 2020 AIS Centennial logo created by Lori Galletti, also this issue comes with Part 1 of the Centennial Supplement. Parts 2, 3 and 4 will be published during 2020.

Note: to access this area of the website you must have a current AIS Emembership. (AIS Emembership is separate from the normal AIS membership.) Please see the Electronic Membership Information area of the AIS website for more details.

This edition of IRISES will be one of a kind, and all of us hope that you will enjoy it and also share with family and friends. Happy AIS Centennial Anniversary!

Enjoy the 2019 AIS Tall Bearded Iris Symposium starting on page 3.

The AIS Centennial Convention Program is described starting on pages 16 — 18.

Did you know anything about the 1920 Period Dress? Well, if you are attending the National Convention you will have a chance to dress as in the 1920s. For more, read the article on page 19. 

Attention iris hybridizers: The 2022 AIS National Convention organizers is requesting guest irises for their Dallas, Texas location. Take a look in page 20.

The 2019 Photo Contest results are on pages 24 — 29. Lovely shots. Congratulations everyone!

Ever heard of target burning for weeds, insects and pests? Please read the article Going for the Burn, on pages 30 — 33. 

A reprint from this very blog, What's Wrong with the AIS Awards System, gives you lots to think about. Don't miss it on pages 35 — 37. 

There's a lot more to see and read in this edition of IRISES, either in digital or print formats.

Not a member of The American Iris Society? Please see our website for information about becoming one:

Happy Gardening!

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  1. This looks amazing!!! Can't wait to get my copy..thank you all for all your hard work in making this very special issue..