Monday, December 9, 2019

The top 15 Iris at ‘Smokin Heights’ season 2019/20 in Australia!

By Mel Schiller and Bailey Schiller

We are smack bang in the middle of digging customer orders right now before Christmas. Here is our top 15 Iris for this current season.

15. 'Mallee Sunrise' (Stribley '07) BB: An excellent garden Iris that grows well and blooms reliably. It puts on a wonderful show and calls viewers over from across the field.
14. 'Ruby Slippers' (Keppel '02) IB: On the older side now but it is an absolute showstopper!
13. 'Dedicated' (Black '11) SDB: Very unusual almost green colouring makes you do a double take. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it has that wow factor!
12. 'Coralina' (Johnson '14)TB: Super bubble ruffled in peach tones makes this variety standout!
11. 'Line Drive' (M Sutton '07) IB: Nothing else like it! What more can we say?
10. 'Lancer' (Shockey '95) AB: An older Arilbred but it keeps up with the newer varieties. Its dark signal against the pastel lavender tone makes it very appealing.
9. 'Brilliant Disguise' (Johnson '08) TB: Flowers are born in abundance on this variegata. You won’t miss this Iris as you walk past!
8. 'Terse Verse' (Blyth '00) SDB: Very easy growing dwarf that covers itself in bloom season after season. Very strange colouring that is hard to describe.
7. 'Merchant Marine' (Keppel '07) TB: An all-time favourite in this colour class. Everything about it is perfection, we expect nothing less of Keith Keppel!
6. 'Voulez-vous' (Johnson '15) TB: A fabulous flat Iris that is among the best in this class. We use it a lot in hybridizing!
5. 'Splatter Matter's' (Painter '10) TB: We thought this would be popular, it proved us right!
4. 'Molokini' (M Sutton '16) TB: One of those “love it or hate it” Iris. For lovers of the unusual this is the Iris for you!
3. 'Waves On The Coast' (B. Schiller '19) TB: The illusion of a blue and green iris from the distance….interesting!
2. 'Kissed By Fire' (M. Schiller '19) TB: Garden visitors revelled in the magnet of colour this iris provided.
1. 'Edge Of Happiness' (Barry Blyth '19) TB: Barry Blyth has created this beautiful iris. Our most favourite from the season just gone by. WOW!

We find that iris seasons differ from year to year. Customers decide on the colour scheme iris for each year. Last year 'orange' appeared to be popular. This season, well it has yet to be decided! 

Well, we will leave you to it we have digging to do!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the colors of your summer while iris blooms in the US winter are underwhelming.

  2. Your welcome. It is always fantastic to share the love of iris worldwide!

  3. They are all gorgeous in there own right but Splatter Matters is definitely the most popular still after 2 years, I have people asking me every season where I purchased this beautiful broken pattern iris. Love this iris and thanks Smokin Heights for making it available to purchase in Australia. 😍🤍💜


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