Monday, December 30, 2019

Irises of the Season

by Jean Richter

For this last post of 2019, I present to you a group of irises with seasonal names, pertaining to winter and late-year holidays. As might be expected, some of these varieties are rebloomers, and those will be noted with their picture. All iris are tall bearded unless otherwise noted.

My best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season and happy new year! May the second century of the American Iris Society build upon the many great accomplishments of the first.

'Christmas Snow' (Austin 1963) rebloomer - photo by Mike Unser

'Snow Fiddler' (Dunbar 1972) miniature tall bearded - photo by Mike Unser

'Snow Velvet' (H.P. Sass 1942) - photo by Mike Unser

'Lacy Snowflake' (Schreiner 1977) - photo by Mike Unser

 'Winter Gold' (Austin 1965) rebloomer - photo by Mary Hess

'Snow Spoon' (Hager 1982) - photo by Mike Unser

'Winter Carnival' (R. Schreiner 1941) - photo by Mike Unser

 'Thanksgiving Firelight' (Austin 1950) rebloomer - photo by Mary Hess

'Santa's Helper' (Carol Lankow by Aitken 1997) intermediate bearded - photo by Mike Unser

'Winter Olympics' (O. Brown 1963) - photo by Mike Unser

'Winter Flame' (Austin 1953) rebloomer  - photo by Mary Hess

'Winterfest' (Schreiner 2005) - photo by Mike Unser

'Frost and Flame' (Hall 1957) - photo by Mike Unser

My heartfelt thanks to Mike Unser and Mary Hess for the use of their beautiful pictures.

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  1. Jean, very nice! Really enjoyed...thanks for posting. Randy


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