Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mohr Medal 2018

The American Iris Society

'Sri Lanka'--image by Jeanette Graham

‘SRI LANKA’ (T.Johnson ‘10). Sri Lanka has many excellent traits including strong growth and clumps loaded with stalks having 2 branches and up to 6 buds. White standards have prominent, strong gold midribs and edges that curl back slightly to reveal yellow styles. Slightly recurved light greenish yellow falls have diffuse mid gold spots encircling soft yellow to tangerine beards.

This medal is restricted to irises of one-quarter or more aril content that do not meet the more restrictive requirements of the Clarence G. White Medal.

It is named in honor of William A. Mohr (1871-1923). About ten years before his death, Mohr began working with irises. He obtained the tetraploid Asiatic species, as well as regelia and oncocyclus irises, and communicated with other iris hybridizers such as Ellen Sturtevant and Samuel Stillman Berry. The two greatest achievements of William Mohr's hybridizing programs are probably his plicatas and his innovative and beautiful arilbreds. His great plicatas are `Los Angeles' and the iris that won the first American Dykes Medal, `San Francisco.' Mohr's most important arilbred iris is the magnificent `William Mohr.'

The World of Irises blog will be posting once a day all of the medal winners. The entire list of winners can be found at http://irises.org/About_Irises/Awards_Surveys/AIS_Awards.html, the AIS Encyclopedia and later in the AIS Bulletin, IRISES. Pictures can be found at http://wiki.irises.org/Main/InfoAwards2018.

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