Monday, October 30, 2017

Louisiana Irises and City Park, New Orleans, LA

by Ron Killingsworth

Louisiana Irises and mallard ducks enjoy the "Big Pond" in City Park, New Orleans, LA
The American Iris Society annual convention will be held in New Orleans from April 8-13, 2018!  To learn more about the convention, click here.  And, the Society for Louisiana Irises will hold their annual convention immediately following the AIS convention in the same hotel, from April 12-14, 2018.  Don't miss this chance to attend to great iris conventions in the wonderful city of New Orleans, LA.

As a preview of what you will see during these conventions, I have assembled some pictures of some of the great places you may visit.

Louisiana irises were once found growing in the canals and marshes in and near New Orleans. Today you can still find Louisiana irises growing in New Orleans, but you have to know where to look.  One of the best places to view Louisiana irises blooming would be in City Park during the last of February and first of March.

Any trip to New Orleans should include a tour of the City Park and especially the Sculpture Gardens located within the park and near the Art Museum.
Louisiana irises growing around the edge of the lake and canal inside the Sculpture Gardens, City Park, New Orleans

Louisiana irises grow well around the lake in the middle of the Sculpture Garden

Ponds such as this one in the Sculpture Garden in City Park are great places to grow Louisiana irises

Massive plantings of Louisiana irises around the "Big Pond" in City Park

Another view of the Louisiana irises around the edge of the "Big Pond" in City Park

Beautiful Louisiana irises abound in City Park, New Orleans, LA

A view of massive plantings of Louisiana irises with the "Big Pond" in the background

Louisiana irises in full bloom with the Art Museum in the background at City Park

What better way to view the Louisiana irises blooming in the Sculpture Garden than a ride in a gondola?

Sculptures with the Sculpture Garden overlook the blooming Louisiana irises

Another place to find Louisiana irises growing in New Orleans is at Pat O'Connor's house and gardens.  Pat and his wife Julie love to collect "yard art" to highlight their Louisiana irises.

Pat has a lot of "seedlings" (baby irises grown from seeds) growing in his backyard garden

Not far from New Orleans is the city of Lafayette and Jim Leonard grows Louisiana irises commercially in large pots
To learn more about irises in general, visit the American Iris Society.  To learn more about New Orleans, visit the New Orleans Official Tourist Website at New Orleans On Line.

Louisiana irises grow in many places around the world.  Learn to grow them yourself by visiting The Society for Louisiana Irises (SLI).To join SLI on facebook, visit Facebook - Society for Louisiana Irises.

Be sure to visit City Park in the Spring to see some beautiful flowers and breathtaking landscapes.

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