Monday, October 23, 2017

'City Lights' Lights up the Garden

By Renee Fraser

There are few irises that have stood the test of time in my garden.  One of the prettiest is 'City Lights'.  Although it's not a new variety (registered by Mary Dunn in 1990) it always looks fresh in the garden.  It reproduces well but does not get overcrowded.

It's a reblooming iris here in Southern California.  One year it bloomed for 26 days, from April 1 to 25, and another year it bloomed from March 28 to May 2!

I don't know if it reblooms in cooler areas, because it reblooms here late, beween September and January.

Although my main garden is designed around warm colors and I have no place for blues, 'City Lights' is so lovely that it is the only iris I have planted near my pond.

I must say that pictures really do not do this iris justice.  That white spot makes it look like it is aglow in the garden.

'City Lights' starts out looking quite blue as the flowers first open, but it takes on more of a violet hue as the days wear on.

If you are looking for an iris that has a good long bloom period and lights up the garden, try 'City Lights'.

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