Friday, September 1, 2017


Susanne Holland Spicker

Join with us in congratulating Keith Keppel for his 2017 William Mohr Medal winner 'EYE TO EYE'. This award is for Arilbred irises with less than 50% but at least 25% aril content. 

'EYE TO EYE' (Keith Keppel 2009) Photo courtesy of Keith Keppel

This eye-catching arilbred is described by the AIK Wiki as follows:

'EYE TO EYE' (Keith Keppel 2009) AB 12" Mid-season bloom. Standards violet-blue, lighter toward edge; style arms chartreuse to oil yellow; falls pale corinth purple wash on olive yellow ground, sharply defined 5/8" blackish red-purple signal spot; beards golden glow. Keppel 2009. HM 2011, AM 2014, The William Mohr Medal 2017.

Our thanks to Keith for yet another outstanding iris. It joins other Keppel 2017 award winners: Dykes Medal 'Montmartre' and 'Reckless Abandon', Wister Medal.

For a complete list of the 2017 American Iris Society Award winners, please visit

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  1. Note, the correct height is 16", not 12". I have confirmed this with Keith Keppel and updated the wiki entry.


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