Thursday, September 7, 2017

American Iris Society 2017 Awards 'Judy, Judy, Judy' The Morgan-Wood Medal

By Susanne Holland Spicker

Please join with us in congratulating Robert Hollingworth for outstanding Siberian Iris 'Judy, Judy, Judy,' the winner of The Morgan-Wood Medal, The American Iris Society 2017 Awards.

'JUDY, JUDY, JUDY' (Robert Hollingworth 2010)  Photo by Robert Hollingworth

This exceptional Siberian iris is described by the AIS Wiki as follows:

'Judy, Judy, Judy' (Robert Hollingworth 2010) SIB 35" Early mid-season bloom. Standards medium red-violet, style arms light blue; falls white, with medium red-violet dots merging into outer plicata band. Ensata 2010.  HM 2013, Walther Cup 2013, AM 2015, The Morgan-Wood Medal 2017.

Thank you, Robert, for a stunning Siberian iris, a well-deserved honor.

'JUDY, JUDY, JUDY' (Robert Hollingworth 2010) photo by Robert Hollingworth

Interested in Siberian Irises?  Please visit "The Society for Siberian Irises" website.

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