Monday, October 24, 2016

Favorite Macro Photos of 2016, Part 2

By Mike Unser

I love photographing irises and capturing their beauty to enjoy all year long. I also love to do close up shots of them to highlight the incredible beauty of their architecture. Here is a selection of my favorites from the 2016 season. Click on the photos to see the full size version.


'Black And Gold'




'Barely There'


'Little Dream'


  1. Mike, Your posts are informative and visually stunning. I have only begun my study of iris and appreciate all you have taught me thus far. Be assured your time in the garden and effort on this blog is profoundly appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Kaye Bailey

  2. Hey Mike, Your earlier post plus this one are both fantastic! Some of the best pics are macro images of flowers...iris included of course. You get a totally different perspective up very close....that you cannot pick out from a distance. Details so tiny as to escape notice become apparent in macro. Great job Mike! Thanks for sharing....Randy


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