Monday, October 17, 2016

Early Fall Rebloom in Kentucky, Zone 6

by Betty Wilkerson

Around September 1, 'Gate of Heaven' opened it's first beautiful bloom.  It has great form for an iris that reblooms in Kentucky.  I've tried using it in breeding, but so far none of the crosses took.  I dug a portion of it and transplanted to another position in the garden in hopes it will produce good pollen or at least take a good pod.  There are some California rebloomers that match this form, but none rebloom, on their own, here in Kentucky.    

'Gate of Heaven' (Zurbrigg by Friendship 2004

Two of my seedlings have bloomed nearly all summer.  This is the first time 1605-02 Re has bloomed during the summer, as it usually only blooms in the fall.  ((Victoria Falls x Vanity) x Love Lines) x (Champagne Elegance x Feed Back) is the break down for 1605-02Re.

1605-02Re (Wilkerson seedling) 

1907-10Re, a lavender self with a darker fall overlay, is a sibling to 'Cool Character.' Their parents are 'Blatant' x 'All Revved up.'  I've posted this one several times.  It is a prolific rebloomer, but I've not been able to get any takes as either pod or pollen parent.  As iris breeders often state, "there is always next year!"

1907-10Re (Wilkerson seedling) 

This summer I've had rebloom stalks on a couple of west coast irises.  'Carousel of Dreams' was among a group of irises reported to be reblooming in Joe Ghio's garden in early summer.  I ordered five or six and this iris was one of the group.  It started putting up a stalk almost immediately.

'Carousel of Dreams' (Gerald Richardson 2014)

The other iris from the west coast is 09-75C, a seedling belonging to Keith Keppel.  It's from 'Adriatic Waves' x 'Noble Gesture,' one of my favorite introductions of Keith's. Both of these had already set stalks on the west coast, and with a little water and fertilizer the stalks popped right up! These would need an especially long cool summer to set and produce rebloom stalks and this is rare. The year 2006, with it's six week long spring and mild summer, is the only time I recall a large number of sporatic rebloomers in my garden.  

09-75C (Keppel seedling)  

Then along came a couple of brand new seedlings.  This first one may or may not be 2611-04Re.  It grew and bloomed right at the edge of the clump and may have been from the clump next to it.  When I checked it out, it really looks like it's on the edge of 2611-04Re. Somehow, I'm not really buying it, but I will line both out and see what I have once they both bloom again.  'Star Gate's' beard looks even prettier on this one!  Love this one!

2611 (Wilkerson seedling

This is 2612-03Re ('Again and Again' x 'Echo Location') X 'Over and Over.'  I must admit it is starting to grow on me.  The first bloom was rather weather beaten and the standards were open, but this bloom shot was taken later and I really like it.  There is a second stalk that is starting to show color now.

2612-03Re (Wilkerson seedling) 

The always present, ' Over and Over' managed to put up stalks on all three of the new clumps.  Two clumps put up two stalks each.  One was planted, bare roots, last fall and it bloomed earlier in the summer, but the other two clumps, planted this spring, still with bare roots, are blooming October 1.

'Over and Over' (Innerst 2001)

Its been a good iris year here with lots of rebloom, and I hope you've had a nice reblooming summer and fall.  Let us know what rebloomed for you in 2016.  Make a few rebloom crosses next spring and see what you get.  If you cross two things that summer bloom for you, there is a good chance you will get some seedlings that summer rebloom, also.  Two fall or cycle rebloomers will usually give fall or cycle rebloomers.  Enjoy!

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