Tuesday, August 4, 2015

IRISES, the Bulletin of the AIS - Summer 2015 Edition


Hot off the presses, here's the Summer Edition of IRISES, the Bulletin of The American iris Society. On the cover, 'Football Hero,' a fantastic new introduction by hybridizer Lynda Miller and top favorite iris chosen during the Portland National Convention. For all Favorite 15 Guest Irises of the convention, please see page 34.

The Summer 2015 issue of the AIS Bulletin is now available for online viewing within the Emembers section of the AIS websiteNote: to access this area of the website you must have a current AIS Emembership. AIS Emembership is separate from the normal AIS membership. Please see the Electronic Membership Information area of the AIS website for more details.

A fantastic edition, this time focusing on the National Convention held in Portland, Oregon.
One of the most detailed convention descriptions I've seen in recent years, it covers everything that a gardener/attendee would want to know, from the the pre-convention gardens and their uniqueness, to details of irises and updates on hybridizers' current developments. From this land of many iris wonders you will enjoy a full 10-pages of pure iris talk.

And for some welcome news, Bonnie Nichols writes a detailed article about the newly formed Novelty Iris Society of which she's President, on page 11, with information regarding the selection of the first officers and directors, a list of committee heads still needed, and the many ways to help the new Society.

You will find the article on the announcement of the 2015 Winner of the Bennet C. Jones Award for Outstanding Median Hybridizing, Jean Witt, both inspiring and stimulating -- on page 13.

Jean Morris, explains on pages 38-39 of the section Another Day in the Garden why Siberian irises are her favorite, and how she glad to seeing these beauties at the Portland Convention. I must say that I feel the same way as Jean, I cannot grow them in my area, but oh boy I love to see them when I can. 

Don't miss the buckets-full-of iris blooms from Schreiner's Iris Gardens, on page 3. I couldn't believe my eyes on location. Only at Schreiner's. 

The Bulletin's section Youth Views is on page 8 and the encouraging essays by youth members, and Ackerman Essay Winners, on page 9.

If you like reading mystery novels, the nonfiction story by Aaron Floden and James Waddick will surely please you. Is set in a land of many eccentricities and contracts, and the line of captivating characters are looking for a majestic prize. Don't miss The Long Road to a New Iris in India -- Part 1, on pages 50 - 51. 

Congratulations to Jim Waddick from Missourfor winning the 2014 Michael Foster Memorial Plaque announced and bestowed by the British Iris Society. Read about it on page 14.

On page 62, towards the end of the Bulletin find the invitation to next year's convention. Although not mentioned in IRISES due to publishcation deadline restrictions, please note that the 2016 National Convention website is out. Going Eas in 2016 will be held in Newark, NJ. Click on the link for more information. 

AIS President, Jim Morris, continues to inform us about Irises Down Under & New Zealand, with his Part 3 of what seemed like a trip of a lifetime. The combination of two splendid beauties, nature and irises, really makes it a special trip, don't you think?

There's a lot more to see and read in this edition of IRISES, either in digital or print formats. I hope you are an AIS member because that means that you will receive the print edition soon (it's in the hands of the Post Office), or if you are an e-member, then that version is already available online as mentioned above. 

Happy gardening!

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