Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IRISES, the Bulletin of the AIS - Winter 2015 Edition

By Andi Rivarola

Hot off the presses, here's the Winter Edition of IRISES, the Bulletin of The American iris Society. On the cover a classic -- historic iris 'Snow Flurry,' by Clara Rees (1939). This and many other historic irises are now available for viewing via catalogs (dating back to 1920) posted online. Historic Bulletins and catalogs are available to emembers on the AIS website. (More information on the current issue of IRISES by Editor Kathleen Sonntag in her Editors Message.)

The Winter 2015 issue of the AIS Bulletin is now available for online viewing within the Emembers section of the AIS website.

Note: to access this area you must have a current AIS Emembership. AIS Emembership is separate from the normal AIS membership. Please see the Electronic Membership Information area of the AIS website for more details.

Welcome to the Winter 2015 edition of IRISES, the Bulletin of The American Iris Society. Hope you will enjoy several of the articles on this issue.

The always fascinating Symposium report lists irises chosen by popularity and reported by Riley Probst. The list always makes me think about what other iris lovers are enjoying around the country. Don't miss it.

You will recognize the names of those in the 2014 Honorary Awards Recipients list, which includes the recipients for the Hybridizer Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal Award, the Gold Medal, and the Warburton Medal. A fascinating list of individuals, on page 9.

Page 12 includes some important events throughout the AIS Sections world listed under Section Happenings. Find information about the Society for Louisiana Irises (SLI), Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS), the Spuria Iris Society, the Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA), the Reblooming Iris Society, and the Society for Pacific Coast Native Irises (SPCNI).

Enjoy the adventures and some fantastic shots by the AIS President Jim Morris' trip to Australia and New Zealand on page 14.

On My Journey with Siberian Irises, hybridizer Zdenek Sidl from the Czech Republic reports about his experiences breeding these beauties, which grow naturally in his home country -- on page 16.

Find on pages 29-31, everything you may want to know about the upcoming Spring Convention to be held in the Greater Portland, Oregon area May 18-23; and the Siberian/Species Convention following on May 24-25 on page 18.

Hope you are as excited as I am about the 2020 AIS Centennial Celebration; I feel it's an incredible opportunity to expose the magnificence of our lovely irises, and the organization that helps disseminate its information to the rest of the world. You will find on page 25 what we're planning to do about a Centennial Iris, and a Centennial Logo.

There's much more of interest in the Winter 2015 edition of IRISES, this short review was only to give you a hint of the lovely issue, and to let you know that the printed edition is now in the hands of the Post Office for those of you non-emembers. We hope that you will receive it soon. 

Happy gardening. 

For those new to The American Iris Society, as a member you receive the printed quarterly edition of IRISES via mail, or if you are an e-member, then you will be able to read the entire publication online. The latter is a very convenient option for overseas iris enthusiasts. For more information, please go to our website's membership information section.  

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  1. I think it's a bit much to require regular members to pay another full set of dues to access the membership section of the website. Regular membership should include access to the website and if people also wish to receive a printed copy they should be able to do that for a SMALL annual surcharge. I belong to many clubs and all those dues can add up to become overwhelming very quickly.


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