Monday, August 25, 2014

Iris Bloom Season in Northwest Louisiana Part II

by Ron Killingsworth

Earlier we looked at some irises and other flowers that bloomed this past spring in NW Louisiana.  The season was very late and when it finally turned warm, everything bloomed at once!  

"Flareout" a Louisiana iris by Marvin Grainger 1988
"Flareout" is one of many doubles hybridized by Marving Grainger.  It has all falls and the style arms are usually deformed. 

"Longue Vue" a Louisiana iris by Dormon Haymon 1999
Dormon Haymon named this iris for Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans.  It remains a favorite white iris and is a great garden iris.

"Gladiator's Gift" a Louisiana iris by John C. Taylor 1990

Hardy gladiolas and poppies growing with Louisiana irises in the background

'Heavenly Glow" a Louisiana iris by Richard Morgan, 1988
This remains one of my favorite irises.  It grows well and has such nice green style arms.  The veining is very nice.  Richard Morgan produced a lot of great irises.

"Hush Money"  a Louisiana iris by Mary Dunn 1998
If forced to name my favorite Louisiana irises, this one would probably be at the top of the list.  It is a great garden iris and is simply beautiful.  And, what a name.  (Especially when Louisiana politicians are so well known for their "hush money"!)

"Iris.Nelsonii"  - Dwarf
We do not grow a lot of the species of Louisiana irises but I really like this tiny little nelsonii.

"Iris.Nelsonii" growing in a clump

A mixture of various hybrid Louisiana irises in one of our many beds.

"June's Pick" a Louisiana iris by M. D. Faith 2002

"LaFitte Celebration" a Louisiana iris by Pat O'Connor 2002
A nice clump of this iris growing by the Koi pond with several others off to the side.

"Notta Lemon" a Tall Bearded iris by Tom Burseen 2009
I really like this Tall Bearded iris!  It was a gift and that makes it even more special.

"Our Parris" a Louisiana iris by C. Carroll 1987
I have never met C. Carrol and really do not know much about the hybridizer, except he hybridized outside the US.  It is a pretty iris and I look for it each bloom season.

"Peaches in Wine" a Louisiana iris by Heather Pryor 1997

"Pointe Aux Chenes" a Louisiana iris by Joe Musacchia 2005
A beauty with a great south Louisiana name.  Joe Musacchia (Cajun Joe) has produced numerous lovely Louisiana irises.

"Praline Festival" a Louisiana iris by Dormon Haymon 1992
Another beauty with a great "southern" name.

That's about it for part II folks.  Don't miss part III. I hope your bloom season was more "normal".  If you are interested in knowing more about or growing Louisiana irises feel free to contact the Society for Louisiana Irises for more information.  You can learn more about all the other irises at the American Iris Society website.

Until next time -- don't just sit there, get out and grow some irises!

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  1. Good evening Ron,
    I am the hybridizer of this Iris Louisiana 'Our Parris' bred in 1986 and I do bred other irises, daylilies, camellias as well. From Craig Carroll- Blue Mountains Australia


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