Monday, April 22, 2013

Rebloom:Rough Days in Kentucky

by Betty Wilkerson

Those who follow my program may know that 2012 was not kind to me.  I was derailed for awhile due to  back problems.  Before the frosts hit, my physical trainer took me for a walk around the newest section of the garden.

These beds were built in 2010 from an old pasture which had been lawn for over five years.  When the beds were built, I added organic material, lime, phosphate rock and green sand.  I applied a little under the recommended amounts, due to my fear of rot.  These beds have soaker hoses in place and are covered with a very good quality landscape fabric.  No fertilizer was applied during the 2012 growing season, and no supplemental water was provided.  Still, we had very good rainfall.

As I rounded the back side of the garden, it was good to see several stalks blooming on 'My Friend Jonathan'.  Stalks of 'Lemon Reflection' created good contrast for 'My Friend Jonathan.'  Form is a bit more tailored on 'Lemon Reflection,' but it is a good parent and tends to pass on good branching.  It will usually produce fall rebloom with minimum care.

'My Friend Jonathan' (Bernice Miller 1994) 

'Lemon Reflection' (Raymond Smith 78)

Several seedlings had open blooms.  One was 1907-10Re, the purple one that bloomed the entire summer of  2011. It's a sibling to 'Cool Character' which I hope to introduce in 2013.

1907-10Re (Wilkerson Seedling) 

'Cool Character' (1907-01Re) (Wilkerson Seedling) 

They are children of 'Blatant' X 'All Revved Up. This cross produced twelve reblooming seedlings, including my only glaciata.

'Blatant' (Byers 1990)

'All Revved Up' (Wilkerson 2006)

Another seedling in bloom was 2025-01Re.  It's provided wonderful and consistent fall bloom for the past four years.  

2025-01Re (Wilkerson Seedling) 
2025-01Re is from the cross of 'Total Recall' X 1625-01Re.  1625-01Re is from 'Star Gate' x ('Violet Returns' X Breakers.) 1625-01Re can rebloom in August and has been a strong parent for rebloom.  
'Total Recall' (Hager 1992)

1625-01Re (Wilkerson Seedling) 

Another bed, built in 2009,  is filled with irises that should be able to bloom in the summer, according to research.  The bed was totally ignored in 2012.  It has very good landscape fabric covering the bed, but some weeds sprout in the iris clumps.  Not only was I unable to water or fertilize this bed, but I was also unable to weed it.  Both 'Over and Over' and 'Star Gate' put up valiant stalks among the weeds.  One would have thought they were lavished with care!   

'Over and Over' (Innerst 2001)

'Star Gate' (Wilkerson 2005) 

October brought maiden bloom on 2542-03Re, a seedling grown in a three gallon pot.  It's from 'Vanishing Act' X 'Over and Over'.  Early in the spring, four of the strongest seedlings from this cross were planted into 3 gallon pots, since I was unable to walk to the existing seedling bed.  As happy as I was to see this seedling bloom, it is only a success in the sense that it proved I could get rebloom from either/or both 'Vanishing Act' and 'Over and Over.'  I hoped to retain the form, branching and height of 'Vanishing Act' while keeping the rebloom of 'Over and Over.' There was some measure of success, but it will take a few years to determine the seedling's potential.  At first glance, the bloom is too big for the stalk and the substance is lacking.  The latter is no surprise.  Maybe spring bloom will temper this seedling's over achievement!  Nothing will be certain until it's been grown in the ground.  The siblings are expected to bloom later this spring.

2542-03Re (Wilkerson seedling) 

'Vanishing Act' (Wilkerson 2004)
Feel free to ask any questions about my garden or my breeding program.  I will answer all questions to the best of my ability.

Additional information about hybridizing, and general information about irises can be found @ the following: Iris Society. (iris register (fee required) must now be accessed through the main site.) for Iris Talk, Iris Photos and many other plant lists. I've been an active member of both these lists since early in 1999.  Interesting and informative source for research. Iris Society (great society publishes a twice annual 'Recorder.'

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