Monday, April 15, 2013

Favorite Victoria Convention Pictures

By Ron Killingsworth

The digital camera is the best thing since the microwave oven and it makes it so easy to take too many pictures and then just throw out the bad ones.  The problem is there are too many good ones!  Here are a few photos I took during the American Iris Society Convention in 2011 in Victoria, Canada.

At iris conventions, like the one taking place this week in Dallas, the attendees have the opportunity to visit numerous gardens. Many are absolutely breathtaking, and give plenty of opportunities to take photographs.

Water garden with irises at Government House, Victoria, Canada

Butchart Gardens view, Victoria, Canada

Butchart Gardens view, Victoria, Canada

As a lover of water irises, I had plenty of opportunities to enjoy them.

My sweetheart of over 50 years and wife for 47 years at a pond view in Finnerty Gardens, Victoria, Canada

Irises were not the only specimens worth looking at.  Fantastic flower beds greeted us at every garden.

Government House gardens in Victoria, Canada

Hatley Park Gardens in Victoria, Canada

Beautiful architecture and formal gardens also beckoned.

Hatley Park Gardens in Victoria, Canada

Hatley Park Gardens and buildings in Victoria, Canada

Have you been to an American Iris Society Convention?  This year is a special year for conventions because you can attend the American Iris Society convention at Dallas, TX, from April 15-20 and stay for the Society for Louisiana Irises convention in the same hotel from April 20-23.   Log on to the Iris Society of Dallas for more information on both conventions, and think about your vacation plans for 2014.

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