Saturday, January 28, 2012

Iris Classics: 'Perfection'

Every once in awhile we find an iris that is so perfectly suited to its name that we couldn't picture it being named anything else. 'Perfection' is just such a variety. True to its name it is practically perfect in every way, with exceptional color, flawless form, vigorous growth, beautiful foliage and reliable blooms. It is as lovely as a single stalk as it is in mass plantings.

A creation of Peter Barr, it was introduced in 1880 making it 132 years old! Few irises have managed to remain fantastic garden plants over that period of time. The blooms of 'Perfection' are of the neglecta class, meaning it has light lavender-blue standards over falls of a deeper velvety purple, accented with a golden beard. The falls have a really nice flare to them that you rarely see on the oldest varieties, and it gives them a jaunty, cheerful aspect. It is a tall variety as well, growing about 30 inches.

'Perfection' is that rare iris that is so versatile it can be used by any gardener no matter what their focus. It will excel equally at giving you a show quality bloom stalk to bring indoors, a lovely clump in your perennial border, or a mass planting all along your driveway. This classic iris is one you will really enjoy in your garden.

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  1. Mike, do you grow 'Perfection?' We would love to find a source. Robert and Linda Karr


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