Monday, April 5, 2021

Iris Photo Essay: Ready for My Close-up

By Mike Unser

 A large part of my enjoyment of my historic iris collection is in photographing them, and one of my favorite aspects of photography is the macro shot. Really getting in close and looking at the texture or the structure of my favorite garden flower, and how the sunlight plays over and thru the petals never ceases to fascinate me. Here is a selection of photos I took during the 2020 bloom season that really caught my eye when examined more closely. We had a cool rainy spring the in PNW, which made the colors deeper and richer, and this also presented many opportunities for capturing the beauty of rain or dew on the blooms. But most important is the light - the flowers show their true glory when lit by the sun. It brings out the sparkle of the diamond dusting and gilded threads, highlights the lines in the architecture of the bloom, and makes the colors glow with a jewel-like depth. Inviting us to slow down and drink in the beauty of these marvelous flowers.


  1. Nice close-up shots. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post! These photos are very nice. I also like to get super close in to flowers to photograph. And not only iris but smaller low growing wildflowers turn out nice macros.Thanks for posting, Randy/GA


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