Monday, July 6, 2020

On the Road Again: Aitken’s Salmon Creek

By Bryce Williamson

At this time of year, I should have just returned from my annual Oregon/Washington trip to the iris gardens, but this year, sadly, is not normal. I am writing, instead, about my trips in 2018 and 2019 and the focus is Aitken’s Salmon Creek.

M. Smith 14-16E

Terry Aitkens showing me some of Siberian seedlings from a different bloodline.
A lilac that was almost a small tree.
Ah, if they would only grow in California...
In 2018 I was scheduled to meet my sister, her oldest daughter and family for dinner, so I went to Aitken’s last, but in 2019 I went there first since I thought I had shorted the garden the previous year. I always enjoy this garden not only for the irises—and a wide range of irises are gown there—but also for all the other flowering plant materials including Terry’s orchids.

Many of us wonder about the next generation of American hybridizers, so I was delighted to learn that Markie Smith’s grandson is now hybridizing and introducing irises.

Here are some irises and some other plants from the last two year’s visits.

Aitken 14-T-ZZA
'Black Cherry Blast'
'Cabbage Patch'
'Catching Fire'
'Soul Mate'
'Sunny Morning'
'Unconditional Love'
Some Siberians were looking good too:

'Judy, Judy, Judy'
'Lemon Blush'
'Simon Says'

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