Monday, June 1, 2020

Trip Down Memory Lane

By Mel and Barry Schiller

Mid America Field being watered 2019
What an unusual year it has been for the world at large....

Australia alone has endured severe drought, soul destroying fires, floods and now Covid-19.

In previous years we would of just arrived home from being in America for the bearded iris bloom season. That just all seems a distant memory.......a memory with which we are thankful for having photographic evidence!

Here are a couple of our fondest memories from previous trips we have made to Portland, Oregon USA.

Schreiner's Iris Garden 2019
We stay in Oregon and are usually not too far from Mid America Garden, Schreiner's Iris Garden, Keith Keppel Miller Manor and Robyn Shadlow.

It is not only the gardens we have truly missed this year but the wonderfully warm people who we have met along the way. Each person has a different piece of knowledge that we gratefully accept. Whether it be iris knowledge, plant knowledge, or just flat out warm friendship. We have missed it all terribly.

Schreiner's Seedling beds 2019
We reference ourselves as 'Learner' Iris hybridizers and we are like sponges soaking up the generous information that the Schreiner Family, Thomas Johnson, Paul Black, Lynda Miller and Keith Keppel can provide us on growing hybridizing and the general genetics of different varieties. These people hold a special place in our heart. It would take months of reading to provide the information that we receive in a mere few weeks!

Thomas Johnson and Bailey Schiller Mid America 2019
Another beautiful area that we have visited is the Multnomah Falls area and also Chad Harris's Mt Pleasant Iris. What a beautiful garden including the most extravagant beardless iris. What a jaw dropping experience!  We were blessed with beautiful weather and fantastic hosts.

Paul Black was our chauffeur for the day and we enjoyed Maggie Asplet's company.

Mel and Bailey Schiller Multnomah Falls 2018
Mt Pleasant Iris 2018

Pittock Mansion 2018
Japanese Garden in Portland 2018
Lynda Miller was our generous chauffeur and tour guide to the Pittock Mansion and the Japanese Gardens we also visited the Rose Garden in Portland that same day. Maggie Asplet provided lovely company as we trecked all over visiting these wonderful scenic educational places.

Ahhhhh the memories....

Visiting the wonderful people in and near Salem has given us the opportunity to expand our worldly sights and our hybridizing goals. We have been fortunate to have 2 bloom seasons to work with in achieving our goals quicker. Each year our visit to the states also gives us the opportunity to view the Iris we would like to import into Australia.

We see this year as the quiet time of reflection to reminisce on our previous years of wonderful memories and fun times with all our friends. Re-evaluate our goals and see where we are headed from here. The garden photo's that we are seeing from our Facebook family are lovely memento's for those of us who cant be there. We sincerely hope you all remain safe in these uncertain times and that your love of gardening makes your heart flourish.

Keith Keppel 2019

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