Monday, March 16, 2020

On the Road Again: Schreiner’s

By Bryce Williamson

After a good night’s sleep, I started my first full day in Oregon with an early morning visit to Schreiner’s Gardens. Everyone was just waking up and setting up the garden for the arrival of visitors and I had the gardens mainly to myself for much of the early morning. I have combined images in this post from my visits to Schreiner's during the springs of 2018 and 2019.

After hearing much about him, I finally met Ray’s son, Ben. Ben is the fourth generation to be involved in the iris business and is bring a fresh prospective as Schreiner’s have now expanded into daylilies and other plants.

I find it sort of sad that Schreiner’s is really the last old fashion garden with irises integrated into the landscape with other plant materials.

Schreiner 3231-E
Schreiner A-278-2

I'm always on the outlook for selfs and we have too few good blues these days.

'Baja Blues'

'But Darling'
After a whirlwind visit here, I was on the road again to Mid America.


  1. It's spring in Sonoma Ca. and iris are greening up. Is this a good time to fertilize for blooms? hat is best at this point? thanks, tr

  2. Anyone @ Schreiners: Fourth photo up, what are those luscious trees? I must know, and go seek them fast <3 !!!!

    Bryce Williamson, Great article & photo essay - thank you!


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