Monday, February 10, 2020

Iris Society of Australia National Convention hosted by the South Australian Iris Society

By Mel Schiller

The National Iris Convention for Australia is going to be hosted by the South Australian Iris Society on the 22nd to the 27th of October this year!

We are hoping that you all have your sights clearly set on coming to South Australia to visit our wonderful historic homes and gardens in and around Adelaide.

The lovely Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens will be a delight to visit and the Mt. Lofty Summit will provide a local platter lunch with panoramic views over Adelaide.

Cleland Wildlife Park will showcase Australian Marsupials such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies and Wombats, along with Dingoes, Snakes and Reptiles, and maybe an Echidna. Many of the animals can be fed by hand and petted.

Accomodation will be at the Arkaba Hotel with a variety of activities and free time throughout the 5 days of convention.

The South Australian Iris Society Show is the largest Iris Show in Australia.  This year Bailey can take credit for producing the Convention Iris Mid North Star. A lovely strong lemon scented Emma Cook patterned iris which will be for sale at the show.

Mid North Star (B Schiller 2020)
An enlightening trip up North on the bus to visit Smokin Heights and Roots ‘N’Leaves will show our visitors our wonderful country side. There is every possibility of viewing Kangaroo’s, wombats and many Eagles in their natural habitat and as an added bonus of viewing Iris in these gardens!

Travelling through the picturesque Adelaide Hills to the Jacobs house to view the Trial Garden of the South Australian Iris Society you may even have the pleasure of seeing a koala or two and plenty of native birds in their natural habitat. Other gardens will be viewed throughout this day also, David Barrington and his Pacific Cost Iris. Colleen Modra grows a selection of natives, heritage tomatoes and Iris and Frosty Flats which is a lovely lush herbaceous garden full of over 800 roses as well as many flowering bulbs and plants.

We look forward to our visitors from overseas coming to South Australia for a fun filled 5 days of gardening fun!

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