Wednesday, July 31, 2019

American Iris Society News

The American Iris Society Registrars are pleased to announce that the Iris Register ( has been updated to include the 2018 Registrations and Introductions. It also contains the names currently entered into the 2019 database as registered or reserved.

AIS eMembers now have access to the AIS Summer issue of Irises and also the prior 6 issues of the Bulletin. Those issues are now available for reading online in a new format that does not require Adobe Flash.

The 69th regular issue of the AIS News & Notes is now live.

A special note:  With the launch of the new AIS Website (, some of the links in previous issues of News & Notes will no longer work.  All the ones in this issue point to the proper locations. In particular, use the Symposium Ballot links in this issue, not the earlier ones.

Additionally, any personal bookmarks you may have created into the old AIS website will no longer work. You should navigate through the new home page to establish new bookmarks to your favorite locations.

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