Monday, May 13, 2019

International Iris Competition in Florence 2019

The Italian Iris Society concluded the international iris competition at Florence on Saturday, May 11, 2019. The World of Irises is pleased to quickly bring the results to our readers. The head of the judging panel was Gary White, immediate past president of The American Iris Society. Andi Rivarola, current first vice-president of the AIS, was also a judge along with three judges from Italy: Valeria Roselli, Maurizio Marrami, and Laura Bassino.

In the tall bearded competition, the Premio Firenze (Gold Florin) offered by Guido Gonnelli in memory of “Beppe Gonnelli” went to ‘Chachar’ by Seidl Zdenek from the Czech Republic.

Andi Rivarola, Valeria Roselli, Maurizio Marrami, Laura Bassino, and Gary White.
Second and winning the Tuscany Regional Prize was ‘Lingua de Drago’ by Angelo Bolchi from Italy.

The results of the competition were announced in Florence's city hall with the mayor in attendance: At The Award ceremony in Palazzo Vecchio this morning, from left to right: American judge Andi Rivarola, Italian Judge Valeria Roselli, Jury President Gary White, President of Municipal Council Andrea Ceccarelli, Mayor Dario Nardella, our (Italian Iris Society) President Vincenzo Corti, Italian judges Laura Bassino and Maurizio Marrami. Image from Giardino dell' Iris.
Third went to ‘Enraptured’ by Schreiner’s Gardens in the United States and it won the Confindustria of Florence Prize.

Fourth, the Italian Iris Society Medal, went to ‘Piero Bargellini’: Charmanda by Klaus Burkhardt in Germany.

Fifth place, Honourable Mention, went to ‘Anima Triste’ by Angelo Garanzini of Italy.

Sixth place, Honourable Mention, went to ‘Voglio Tempo’ by Angelo Bolchi of Italy. 

Seventh place, Honourable Mention, went to E 06.05 by Siedl Zdenek of the Czech Republic.

Eighth place, Honourable Mention, went to ‘Hrom a Blesk’ by Siedl Zdenek.
Image by Gary White

Ninth place, Honourable Mention, went to Seidl Zdenek’s E 21.07.

Tenth place, Honourable Mention, went to Italy’s Roberto Marucchi’s N43-1.

Special prizes were also awarded and will be listed in Irises later. All images by Andi Rivarola unless otherwise noted.

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