Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thank you Irisdom!

The American Iris Society is very thankful for you, our worldwide membership and audience, and for all those who love irises. Without you we couldn't continue to focus on our mission, "to organize and disseminate knowledge of the genus Iris, while fostering its preservation, enjoyment and continued development.”

'Ink Patterns' by TB Thomas Johnson (R. 2007)

The AIS has many goals and objectives, and we need you to help us achieve them in the coming months and years, just as YOU have done before.

Thanks to YOU, here's an example of our achievements and current work:

~ We provide reliable information on irises of all types: including comprehensive information about the variables of growing irises in different terrains and climates, and that information is available to all for educational purposes.

~ We publish a beautiful quarterly bulletin that is so much pride to show our friends and family.

~ We encourage scientific studies that benefit the continuously expand our knowledge and understanding of iris plants.

~ We keep a very steady and informative online presence via our website, and social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and the AIS Blog, World of Irises.

~ We've created the Iris Encyclopedia, and continue to maintain and expand it, where thousands upon thousands of new and old irises, articles, and publications are made available to everyone, in digital format.

~ We support our members organize and manage a yearly iris convention that exuberantly serves as inspiration to the hundreds of participants from around the country, and the world, who get to attend.

~ We support local iris clubs, regions and societies in the U.S., and we also cooperate with others in several other countries.

~ We've created the AIS Library located in Molalla, Oregon where thousands of iris-related materials are carefully organized, stored and maintained.

~ We continue to be the worldwide registrar for new irises; a job we have done for many decades. 

~ We strive to create iris programs, and encourage iris judges to educate others about growing irises in different climates and locations. 

~ And, lots more.

So, from the bottom of our hearts a big THANK YOU!

Lastly, we can only ask that if you have not become a member of The American Iris Society, please do. Your membership means a lot to us, it keeps us inspired to continue to work hard to achieve all the goals for our society, to expand, and to keep growing.

If you feel so inclined, your donation before the end of 2018 is also appreciated.

Andi Rivarola
1st VP, The American Iris Society


  1. Andi, All of US should be thanking all of YOU who work so diligently and keep us so well informed. Thanks to all of those who do whatever you do to make the AIS a success! I truly enjoy the blog. All the best to you all. Randy/GA

    1. Randy, thank you kindly for your encouraging words.


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