Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

By Mike Unser

A small selection of irises with names appropriate for the season. Hope you enjoy them.

'Christmas Time', Schreiner's, 1965. Photo by Carlos Ayento.

'Holy Night', Ken Mohr, 1983. Photo by John Weiler.

'Santa', Shoop by Keppel, 1998. Photo by Mike Unser

'Santa's Helper', Carol Lankow by J. Terry Aitken, 1997. Photo by Mike Unser

'Christmas Carol', O'brien, 1973. Photo by Mary Hess.

'Dasher', Opal Brown, 1977. Photo by Paul Black. 

'Winterfest', Schreiner, 2005. Photo by Mike Unser

'Sleighing Song', Robinson, 1984. Photo by Paul Black.

'Gingerbread Man', Bennett Jones, 1969. Photo by Cindy Voss.

'Gingerbread Castle', Tompkins, 1967. Photo by Mike Unser

Happy Holidays! And all the best for 2018.


  1. Iris names are the best & Christmas names are the best of them all! Happy & bright!

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