Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My second bloom season

                                                                                 by Joe Musacchia

    In late June to early July, it starts all over again. Bloom, that is. Ever since Louisiana Iris Gardens in Central New York started handling my introductions some six years ago, I have enjoyed a second bloom season. What a joy to see my new seedlings blooming again. The colors in the North are even more vivid than they are in Louisiana. This is when we make the final decisions about what to introduce next year. 

   This is 'Fouchon' a cross of Patrick O'Connor's 'Zydeco‘ X my 'Pointe Aux Chenes'. If you are wondering where the name comes from, it’s a port at the mouth of Bayou Lafourche, where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico

 ' Fouchon ' 
Zydeco '  X  ' Pointe Aux Chenes '.

     Then we have 'Gentle Memories'. This is Patrick O'Connor's  'Just Add Water’ X Harry Wolford's 'Edna Claunch'. This name came from the first time Mrs. M. J. Urist gazed upon a garden of Louisiana iris during her first trip to Louisiana. I made this cross to demonstrate how hybridizing was done. The cross took, and it turned out to be a good one.

' Gentle Memories '
' Just Add Water ' X ' Edna Claunch ''
  Here we have ‘Labrador Hollow'. This is my  'Ardoyne‘ X my 'Little General'. This is named for a natural area down the road from Louisiana Iris Gardens. It was found in seedlings brought up from Louisiana, and had its maiden bloom in the NY garden.
' Labrador Hollow '
' Ardoyne ' X ' Little General '
   Next is a fun one, 'Iko Iko'. This is a cross of Heather Pryor's 'Garnet Storm Dancer' X  Dormon Haymon's 'Grace Duhon'  This flower makes me want to party, so the name of the Mardi Gras song Iko Iko seemed appropriate

' Iko Iko ''
 Garnet Storm Dancer ' X  Grace Duhon ' 
   My last seedling, 'Cochon de Lait', is is one of many nice seedlings that came from a 'Pure Water' bee pod. This name translated literally from French is a suckling pig, but to a Cajun this means a party. More like a Cajun barbecue.
' Cochon de Lait '
' Pure Water Bee Pod '
Here are some more of the many Louisiana irises that bloomed in Central New York this year.

' Faubourg Marigny '
Patrick O'Connor
' Low and Inside '
Patrick O'Connor'

' Brown Recluse '
Walter Moores

' Mardi Gras Mambo '
Joe Musacchia 
' Mamacita ' 
Joe Musacchia
   And finally we have 'Rougaroux', which is Cajun French for werewolf, the Cajun swamp monster.

 ' Rougaroux '
Joe Musacchia

   As you can see Louisianas do well in Central New York. If you would like to extend your iris bloom season, by all means try Louisiana iris. All pictures here are courtesy of M.J. Urist of Louisiana Iris Gardens.  

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