Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Talking Irises" TALL BEARDED IRISES 2016--A banner year

By Susanne Holland Spicker

'LIMERANCE' Blyth 2009 -This first-time bloomer has huge, ruffled falls and wonderful veining
The tall bearded iris bloom here in the top of Utah in the 2016 season was one of the best in recent memory. I had several varieties that bloomed for the first time in the garden, so, as you can imagine, I was excited to get up early and hurry outside to see what was new in the iris beds--it was better than Christmas morning!  
(Back to front) 'LOUISA'S SONG' (Blyth 2000), 'FEATURE ATTRACTION' 
(Schreiner 1994), 'ARISTOCRACY' (Keppel 2006), 'SOUTHERN MORNING' (Metler 2011), 
'EXTRAVAGANT' (Hamblen 1984), 'PARISIAN DAWN' (Keppel 2006),
'WEDDING BELLE' (Keppel 2007), 'EVER AFTER' (Keppel 1986)

I'd like to thank the many hybridizers for their stunning flowers. Their irises have given beauty, lifted spirits, and been a source of enjoyment to so many of us iris lovers over the years, and I appreciate their time and efforts in making the world a more beautiful place. Thank you!
'LENTEN PRAYER' (Schreiner 1998) My favorite iris in this shade--Huge, velvety blooms!
I'm sharing some of my pet blooms from one of my favorite beds. I love this color palette, with rich lavender, purple, rose, soft pink and shrimp shades. It wasn't hard to coordinate a bed of these shades, as there are a host of irises to choose from in these colors. Pictured is a sampling of some of my favorite irises as I walk through the bed. These are ones I especially love.
(Left to Right) 'APHRODISIAC' (Schreiner 1986), 'MAGHAREE' Blyth 1986),

 'BOLD EXPRESSION' (Ernst 2003), 'PURPLE SERENADE' (Schreiner 2005)

'DANDY CANDY' (Ernst 2001) The unique coloring of this iris makes it a visitor's favorite!
'OXFORD COUNTESS' (Blyth 2007) This huge, magnificent bloom takes your breath away!
(Forefront) 'PLANNED TREASURE' (Burger 1985), 'CENTER ICE' (Ghio 2010),  'GITANO' (Keppel 2007), 'FLORENTINE SILK' (Keppel 2005),

 'MIDNIGHT REVELRY' Schreiner 2005)
'FLORENTINE SILK' (Keppel 2005) A well-deserved award winner. Very reliable and prolific and one of my favorites in these colors
'DARING DECEPTION' (Johnson 2012) This iris stands out in the garden. Wow!
'ROMANTIC GENTLEMAN' (Blyth 2002) A clump of this is stunning!

'LOUISA'S SONG' (Blyth 2000) Always perfect blooms on sturdy stems
'PHOTOGENIC' (Ghio 2006) Aptly named, this iris is a favorite to photograph
'Kitty Kay' (Keppel 2002) Perfection! 

'CENTER ICE' (Ghio 2010) This first-time bloomer had an especially long flower life. Gorgeous blooms!
'ZANDRIA' (Nebeker 1996) I love the colors on this beauty--the beard is striking!
'PLUM PRETTY WHISKERS' (Spoon 2003) I got this because of an iris friend--and it didn't disappoint.  Beautiful!

'EYE FOR STYLE' (Blyth 2006) Outstanding color on this huge beauty! I love the shade it fades to over time, as shown in this photo
'MING LORD' ( Blyth 2006) With beautiful, velvety falls and bright beard--excellent!
'PERSIAN BERRY' (Gaulter 1977) Another favorite I got because of an iris friend. The soft shades and markings on the haft of this beautiful iris are unique. Thanks, Renee!
'FANCY STUFF' (Brown 2001) If you love lace, this is for you. Beautiful in every way! Opens up nicely.
'ELIZABETHAN AGE' (Baumunk 2005) This iris is a long bloomer. Lovely!

Some of these may be new to you; others I'm sure are on your list of favorites, too. 

What were some of your favorite blooms this year? Was it a good year iris season in your area?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Gorgeous garden and amazing shots as usual, Susanne. Thank you for sharing!

  2. i agree with you! a banner year for your garden!! Great to see Plum Pretty Whiskers and Persian Berry in your garden!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. Thanks Sarah--The plum bed is a favorite--thanks to Renee F. for both of those beauties. Her amazing pictures of her gardens sold me on both of them

  3. Good year for me too in Kentucky. About a week of beauty then heavy rains beat them down

    1. So sorry to hear that, Dori. We had torrential hail storms and high winds up to 91 MPH just as they were opening up. Thank goodness the rest of the season was salvaged and they did well.

  4. Spectacular! I have been waiting all year to see this!

  5. Well, coming from you, whose gardens have no equal, I take that as a great compliment. Thank you.

  6. Marvelous �� Susanne you have the garden I aspire to have.

    1. Thank you, Irislady--my best to you as you make that happen! Good luck! :)

  7. Hi Susanne
    Just one tiny errata in your great article
    The first picture in your blog entry features "Southern Morning" - Metler '11 not "In the Morning" -- Innerst '04
    Would love to take credit for In the Morning, because its a beauty, but alas, I didn't hybridize it.
    Gorgeous photo and garden setting :)

    1. Thanks Tim--I knew that, of course! Pardon the mistake--I love Southern Morning and in my haste to get the article done, I mistyped the name (I actually have "In The Morning" in this same bed)

  8. Beautiful gorgeous iris! I live in Provo and you can't find any of these varieties in Utah County. I've worked at Cook's and Vinyard down here and Iris are just not as popular at garden centers here. The few they sell are usually from employees yards and are basic purple,lavender,and an occasional yellow. Sun River Gardens purchase from an outside grower but are sometimes twice the cost of even Schreiners. Just happy to find you and the few other's who share my passion. I suppose a trip up North is definitely in need of next year! Have a great day!

  9. Thank you Alyce! If you ever want rhizomes, I always have an abundance.


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