Monday, March 14, 2016

Reds and Yellows for the gaudy corner of the PCI garden

By Kathleen Sayce

Reds and yellows combine to make particularly richly colored flower displays. Here's a sampling of a few PCI hybrids in this group. The typical pattern is red to dark red falls and yellow to orange standards and style arms. In some hybrids, this combination shows up on all flower parts. 

PCI  'Wildest Imagining'
Start with a dark yellow to orange base color with darker veins, in PCI 'Wildest Imagining', then add more color to the petals, on the edges:

PCI 'Eye Catching'

Then darken the falls, and standards and style arms with intensely colored flowers including:
PCI 'Rancho Coralitos'

PCI 'San Justo'

Then intensify the colors:
PCI 'Wino' has particularly intense yellows

End with a hybrid that is particularly attractive, with red petals and golden veining on the falls. Not shown in this photo is the attractive velvety surface of 
'Sunburn', which makes it glow in sunlight. 

PCI 'Sunburn'


  1. PCI = Pacific Coast Iris. Pacifica Iris is also used as name for this group of Iris. Both terms are geographically more accurate than the traditional taxonomic name of Californicae. I try to use both names regularly in my articles. PCN is another term used by some, which means Pacific Coast Native Iris.


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