Monday, October 12, 2015

'Cajun Rhythm', My Prettiest Iris

By Renee Fraser

My best blooming iris is 'Total Recall', which is practically an everbloomer here in Southern California.  My sentimental favorite is an old NOID (No Identification) that has been on the property for over 60 years, when grandpa used to mow it over every week when he did the grass.  But my prettiest iris, in my opinion, blooms late in the season and generally gets burnt to a crisp from the late May/early June heat.  'Cajun Rhythm' (Schreiner, 1996) is a lovely butterscotch orange with a pinkish flush on the midrib and a variable white apron on the falls.

I love it with nasturtiums.

It looks nice with another late bloomer, 'Coral Chalice'.

'Tennison Ridge' with 'Cajun Rhythm'.

Here it is with 'Double Delight' rose.

'Cajun Rhythm' is registered as growing to 36" tall, but it is rather short in my garden.  The foliage is nice, and does not corkscrew or twist.  Although it often suffers from the heat here, 'Cajun Rhythm' is so pretty it will always have a place in my garden.


  1. Renee, your photos are stunning! I can see why Cajun Rhythm is a favorite! It goes on my wish list for sure--it has such a rich, luscious color. Also, your landscape shots are beautiful. You have so thoughtfully planned out your landscape. Wish I could see it in person. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

    1. It's my pleasure, Susanne. I think its late-blooming habit would work well in Utah.


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