Monday, September 14, 2015


By Dawn Mumford

Plicatas: irises that have stippled, dotted or stitched edges around the rim and possibly also the standards on a ground color of white, yellow, apricot, or pink. (Stippling, in drawing, painting, and engraving, is to mark a surface with numerous small dots or specks.) The ground color on the standards and falls doesn't have to be the same. There can be dotting, peppering, or striping covering the falls and standards. Hybridizers are working on creating plicatas with more intense depth of color, such as orange, for the background. 

This is 'Drama Queen' (Keppel,2002) with artistic effects that really dramatize the lines and stippling of this stunning iris.

For this post, I have put together a continuation of my last theme on how to use photos to extend the iris season. The last post described using different media to enjoy irises.  This slideshow is on plicatas, and also uses Smilebox (you do not have to have it downloaded on your computer to view the show). 

The slideshow has 49 pictures, counting the collages at the end, lasts seven minutes, and has musical accompaniment, so adjust the volume on your speakers.
Here is the link: Plicata Slide Show Plicata Updated 

While the slideshow is loading click on the button to make the show full screen.  It looks like this except yours won't be yellow. 

I hope all of you have at least a few plicatas. They add interest to the garden. If you grow plicatas, post in the comment section below which are your favorites.  I would love to hear from you.  


  1. I do love plicatas. I have a few that I don't have the names for, though

  2. I have a couple of light-colored historic plicatas: Minnie Pat, a lavender from Sourdough Iris Gardens in the 90s, and Patrice, a rosy-lavender/rose brown from the 1940s. Something different from the usual purples...


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