Monday, July 20, 2015

Personal Favorites: Tall Bearded Iris 'Peach Royale'

By Renee Fraser

As I was organizing my photos the other day I ran across some photos of one of my favorite irises, 'Peach Royale'.  I saw a lovely clump online years ago, but the only source I could find was sold out, year after year.  Finally, in 2009, I got my order in on time.  In its first year it proved to be worth the wait, and I look forward to it each year.

'Peach Royale' was hybridized by Meininger in 1999, and it is among the first of my irises to bloom.  I like the early bloomers, because it gets very hot here early in the year, and any iris that dawdles into bloom in May is likely to have a short career.  'Peach Royale' lasts a long time, both because of the early bloom and because of the high bud count on the stalks.

It fades beautifully, getting lighter around the edges.

I have it planted with 'Spin Off' (Maryott, 1986) , which has the same magenta color that appears in the falls of 'Peach Royale'.

Here it is glowing in the sun.

And from the top.

With verbascum 'Southern Charm' and pelargoniums.

If you are looking for a nice tallish iris (34-36") in this color range, I recommend 'Peach Royale' for its foliage, long bloom period, and beauty in the garden.  If you grow this iris, please let us know how it does in your part of the world in the comments, below.

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  1. Your gardens and the way you showcase your irises have always been an inspiration to me. Thank you!