Monday, March 2, 2015

Garden Visit: Pacific Coast Iris at Leonine Iris Gardens, Pt.1

By Mike Starrhill

Last spring I was lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to visit Leonine Iris in Skyway, WA, where I saw an amazing array of Pacific Coast Irises (PCI). Bob Seaman has created a beautiful garden on this small city lot and has specialized in PCIs since 2009. He has over 240 varieties, as well as a smattering of bearded irises and misc. other species, tucked into every corner, making excellent use of the small space. We were lucky to be there on a beautiful day when the sun was shining and the flowers - and visitors - were soaking it up. The following are some of my favorite blooms that I saw that day. We'll start today with some cool tones. Check back over the next few days to see more. Hope you enjoy them.



  1. Nice photos! Bob has a wonderful garden, and I'm very pleased that you are showing so many of his Pacifica Iris.

  2. Extraordinary to see these Iris. We've grown them in the CA Bay area but not in this variety. Who is working with Pacific Iris and where are they available?


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