Monday, October 27, 2014


by Dawn Mumford

As promised, here is the second post on my favorite pinks.  You can see the first post by clicking here.

The pink irises above are 'Elisa Renee' (Gaulter 1983). Most of our irises are in rows so we can keep track of them but a few are granted space in the landscape. 

'Elisa Renee' (Gaulter 1983) 

'Social Register' (Ghio 1981) 
This iris is a beautiful delicate pink.

'Jacaranda' (Gaulter 1981). 
This one is a nice mulberry color.

'Pink Angel' (Rudolph 1973).
This one is distinctive by its wide flaring falls.

'Rancho Rose' (Gibson 1975)
This plicata (stitched, striped or dotted) makes a nice contrast with the other pink blooms. 
'Sweet Musette'  (Schreiner 1986)
I think this color combination is one of my favorites.  'Sweet Musette' always makes a great statement in the garden.  I think it says "look at me".

'Heather Cloud' (Manner 1981)
This iris has some of the colors of "Celebration Song' which won a Dykes medal in 2003.  The colors on this one are a bit more saturated.

'Paradise' (Gatty 1980)
This bloom has pretty form and a lovely delicate color.

'Extravagant' (Hamblen 1983)  
This iris has always bloomed very late in the season for us.  It has been situated near some 80-100 foot tall trees and so gets shade from 4 pm on.  We have relocated it to a sunnier spot this year and I hope that encourages it to bloom earlier next year.  

'June Krausse'  (Schreiner 2009)
This is described by Schreiner's as a vivid seashell pink.  This one is a recent addition to my garden.  

This collage includes a selection of some of my favorite pinks, which makes a wonderful desktop background on my computer: another way to extend the bloom time. 
How do you extend your bloom time?  I would love to hear from you.

Next year I look forward to some pinks that I just planted this fall.  Maybe they will make the favorite list and bump some of the others off.  They are: 'Pink Mink', 'Happenstance', 'Persian Berry', 'Fantasy in Pink', and 'Pink Swan'.

Which pinks are you most looking forward to seeing this spring?


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