Monday, April 21, 2014

Strong Reblooming Irises Hybridized by Sterling Innerst Part III

by Betty Wilkerson

'Lunar Whitewash' is my favorite reblooming iris introduced by Sterling Innerst. It blooms fairly early in the fall and the bloom is beautiful.  In 2011 there were seven clumps of 'Lunar Whitewash' all blooming at the same time.  Gorgeous!  

'Lunar Whitewash' (Innerst 2003)
One of my most exciting crosses in the past few years has been 'Lunar Whitewash' x 'Romantic Evening.' This cross gave delightful seedlings with beautiful blooms. I've seen a number of the next generation and they are beautiful seedlings in shades of red, royal purple, white and yellow.  Sadly, none rebloom and only one has good branching.

Many years ago I was told that 'San Leandro' would give poor branching.  This was by a hybridizer that worked with it extensively.  I can only suspect that its presence in the parentage of  'Lunar Whitewash' could be a factor in why my seedlings had poor branching.  My training tells me to use it as a pollen parent to minimize this effect, although I'm not sure this is a cure.

'Lunar Whitewash' c. Betty Jacobs

'Lunar Whitewash' c. Betty Jacobs

For your own pleasure and a bit of the warm fuzzies, cross 'Lunar Whitewash' with something pretty and just enjoy the children. Don't look at the branching and don't worry about the rebloom.  If you worry too much you might lose out on the fun!

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