Monday, March 10, 2014

Sampling Hybridizers: My Favorite Photos of Louisiana Irises Part III

By Ron Killingsworth

'Mississippi Eavesdropper' (Peter Jackson, 2011)
There are many species of irises throughout the world, and you can learn more about all of them by visiting the web site of The American Iris Society.  Our discussion today is limited to Louisiana irises, and you can quickly learn more about Louisiana irises by visiting the web pages of The Society for Louisiana Irises.

Peter Jackson of Australia has produced many beautiful Louisiana irises. 'Mississippi Eavesdropper' is certainly a great example of his work.  This flower form is very uncommon in modern Louisiana iris hybrids.  The yellow style arms standing tall matched by the same color halo around the petals makes this one of my favorite pictures and favorite irises!

'Montegut' (Joe Musacchia - 2010)
Joe Musacchia lives below New Orleans and if you pass his home you drive into the Gulf of Mexico.  Joe has recovered from several horrible hurricanes and now more and more of his hybrids are appearing each year.

'Miss Gertie's Bonnet' (Dormon Haymon, 1999)
Dormon lives south of Lafayette, LA, and although he is not active in hybridizing today, he produced many beautiful irises in the past.  This iris continues to be one of my favorites -- a beautiful iris -- a beautiful picture -- a beautiful name.  What more could you want?

'Nancy Tichborne' (Bernard Pryor, 2010)
Heather and Bernard Pryor of Australia have hybridized and introduced many award winning Louisiana irises.  I love this iris because of the yellow style arms, the green coloring at the throat of the style arms, the matching signals on all petals and the ruffling on the petals.  The color is very pleasing.

'Our Dorothy' (Bernard Pryor, 1997)
Another beautiful iris well photographed.  This iris is the pod parent or pollen parent in many recent hybrids.  It passes on some really great genes.  It remains one of my favorite Louisiana irises from year to year.

'Seminole Sunrise' (Harry Wolford, 2004)
Harry Wolford lives in Palm Bay, FL, after retiring from Ohio.  This iris is one of several in Harry's "Seminole" series and is a great garden iris with very beautiful colors.

'Shizuoka Sunrise' (Pat O'Connor, 2001)
Pat O'Connor lives in Metairie, LA, a northern suburb of New Orleans, and has produced some really wonderful irises -- most named for Louisiana landmarks.  This iris is obviously an exception to Pat's habit of naming his irises with distinctive Louisiana names.  If you want a red one, this is the one for you! 

'Starlite Starbrite' (Marvin Granger, 1985)
One of many "doubles" produced by Marvin Granger of south Louisiana.  It is my favorite double and even though it has been around quite a while, it continues to win blue ribbons and even "Queen of Show" when entered in iris shows.

'Tarnished Brass' (Frank Chowning, 1961)
Frank Chowning, Little Rock, AR, produced many hybrids during the 50's and 60's.  He liked to produce Louisiana irises that were particularly suited to colder climates.  This iris has a distinctive color and although it has the flower form of the older spidery type, it continues to be a favorite among Louisiana iris growers throughout the world.

'Twisted Sister' (Pat O'Connor, 2003)
Registered as "form twisted and fluted, stands erect", this flower is really different!  It usually lives up to its name and the "stands stand up -- falls fall down" form is one of my favorite forms.

'Wild Cajun' (Henry Rowlan, 1989)
Henry Rowlan, of north Arkansas, hybridized many irises and I love this one because of the red color and the wonderful name. 

'Word of Warning' (Heather Pryor, 2003)
Another great iris by Heather from "down under".  It has such striking signals and coordinated colors! It has 'Our Dorothy' as a parent.

I hope you have enjoyed some of these well photographed pictures of beautiful irises.  Grab that camera during bloom season and get out there and take some award winners of your own!

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  1. Ron,

    A spectacular collection of wonderful color combinations and shapes. Lousiana Iris are one of my favorites. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.


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