Thursday, January 9, 2014

New AIS-Members 2014 Voucher

Spring is only 70 Days Away
By Andi Rivarola

Happy New Year friends. I hope that 2014 has treated you kindly so far. As I write this, I've become energized by the thought that there are only 70 days to spring here in the northern hemisphere, at least astronomically. Of course, we all know that spring actually arrives at each location according to its climate and geographical site. Have you ever recorded the signs of spring in your area? 

Here are a few of the signs that I've noticed where I live: more and more leaves on all plants; green, fresh buds starting to form; more and more bugs flying around, or for sample lady bugs are noticed all over my roses and irises; birds suddenly appear and are singing to their hearts content; and for us, iris lovers, perhaps long stems of potential iris blooms are forming, pointing skyward and getting higher and higher; and in my area, iris bud tips have striking colors contrasting with the green of the leaves. What are the signs of spring in your area?

We're getting there very shortly. Yes, we are.

Now that the darkest day of the season is over, and we're in a countdown mode to more daylight and warmer temperatures I wanted to introduce the concept of the AIS Voucher for New Members of The American Iris Society. The Voucher Program started in 2013, and now it has been extended for 2014. Plainly explained, whoever joins the AIS for the first time (or upgrades his or her membership to a three-year membership) will receive a voucher for the value of $25 to be used at participating vendors. The voucher and a list of vendors is mailed by the AIS Membership Secretary. For complete information on the AIS Voucher Program, please visit the following link: 

Your membership is very much valued by all of us, as it directly helps to disseminate the goals and values of the organization. Thank you for your help, and please tell your friends and family.

[Iris clubs and affiliated societies are welcome to use the ad above in your own individual newsletters].


  1. Not all vendors accept them. Sorry to say.

    1. A list of participating vendors is available from the AIS Membership Secretary. Follow the link on the post above for that information. If there's a problem with a vendor on the list that is not accepting the vouchers, of course let us know.


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