Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Digital Programs for LA and Spuria Lovers

By Andi Rivarola

I bring you good news from the digital presentation world. Two new digital programs are available for Louisiana and Spuria iris lovers. The Society for Louisiana Irises created a program called, "Growing Louisiana Irises," and the Spuria Iris Society put together the "2013 Spuria Digital Program."

Growing Louisiana Irises

Wonderful images of Louisiana irises in the wild as well as in gardens are part of this exciting new program. The goal of the program is to show your audience the "how-to's" of being successful at planting, growing and preparing the soil to grow these beauties. Also, the presentation has detailed information about soil requirements, flower parts (image below), and species and LA iris types are explained. We can say with confidence that this presentation will leave you and those in your audience with plenty of reasons to include Louisiana irises in your garden.

Technical Notes: this presentation has 80 images; it can mailed to you as a CD, or emailed too. You will need the computer program, PowerPoint Presentation. For more information and to obtain a downloadable order form check the AIS website: AIS Slides and Digital Programs

Sample Digital Image of LA Irises

Spuria Iris Digital Program 2013

The Spuria Iris Society digital presentation is very unique in that it shows the huge variety of colors and forms available today. The presentation is mainly composed of a huge variety of predominantly single Spuria iris flower images that will open your eyes to the many possibilities that exist in this beardless beauty. From browns, to blues, yellows and now also very dark or pink Spurias, there will be some that you'll fall in love with.

Technical Notes: The program contains over 150 images, with over 130 of them being unique iris varieties. It is available digitally via Google Drive or Dropbox, and once you pay for it via Paypal it can be in your email inbox the same day. Check the Spuria Iris Society website for more information: 2013 Spuria Iris Digital Program

Singular Spuria Iris Images

If you are able, please support these societies by becoming a member, or share this information with your family and friends who love irises. 


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  2. The digital programs will be invaluable! Thank you for sharing this information--great article.

    1. Thank you Susanne. They are really fun material to have in any iris club.


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