Monday, May 13, 2013

LA Irises Grow Well with Other Plants

 By Ron Killingsworth

When iris growers think of Louisiana (LA) irises, they often think of irises growing in swamps or at least in ponds ('tanks' in Texas).  LA irises certainly like to grow in water and in their native environment they are often found growing in bodies of water.  However, LA irises are perfectly happy growing with other plants.  We grow them with tall bearded irises, with roses, with hostas and many different "wild flowers".  You probably do not want to try to grow LA irises with your cacti but they are happy to grow with most other plants requiring a normal amount of water and sunlight.  Below I have posted some pictures of LA irises growing in many different locations and with many different plants.  It you are ever in New Orleans, LA, in early April, be sure to visit the New Orleans City Park, especially the "big pond".  Some of the pictures below show irises growing in City Park.

Close up of poppies and "hardy" gladiolas growing with LA irises in LA
LA irises growing with "Angel Trumpets" and other plants in NW LA
"Hardy glads" growing with wild flowers and LA irises

LA Irises growing with "Swamp Lilies" at Lafayette, LA

LA Irises growing in edge of "Big Pond" at New Orleans City Park

LA Irises in a bed at Longue Vue House and Gardens, New Orleans, LA

LA irises and mallard ducks at Big Pond in City Park, New Orleans, LA

LA Irises growing with other plants

LA Irises growing in large plastic pots at LA Iris Farm, Lafayette, LA

LA Irises growing near palms by pond in the Sculpture Garden, City Park, New Orleans, LA

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  You can learn more about LA irises at the Society for LA Irises,  and about many different kinds of irises at the American Iris Society website.  For more lovely photos, visit the website for Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans.  Interested in knowing more about New Orleans City Park? Click the link.

Now is the time to order your irises for next year.

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