Monday, January 7, 2013

Louisiana Iris Gardens: Beauty on the Water

By Ron Killingsworth

I love visiting gardens during the iris bloom season, and I always take numerous photographs.  It's hard to take bad photographs when you are visiting gardens during the conventions of the Society for Louisiana Irises (SLI).  Here are a few photos from the past to show you what is in store for you if you decide to attend a convention in the future.

You will see creative ways to incorporate irises into the landscape.

Garden in Ringgold, LA, SLI convention tour

Some gardens are right on the bayous!  You can see the water behind the attendees.  As you can see, Louisiana irises work well with other garden flowers.

Back yard garden in Lafayette, LA, SLI convention garden tour

New iris introductions are often on view in the gardens.

LA Iris 'Splitter Splatter' (Grieves, D. R 2004) growing in Palm Bay, FL

Louisiana Iris 'Donna Wolford' (Pryor, H 2004) growing in Palm Bay, FL

LA Iris 'Frenchmen Street' (O'Connor, P 2002) growing in NW LA

LA Iris 'Wow Factor' (Pryor, H 2001) growing in Palm Bay, FL

Of course, water features, ponds, and rivers abound:

Garden on a large pond with LA irises in Ringgold, LA

Garden with a stream and LA irises in Ringgold, LA

LA Irises growing on Caddo Lake, Mooringsport, LA

LA Irises growing on Caddo Lake in Mooringsport, LA, with bald cypress tress in background

LA Irises growing around the "Rock Pond" with Caddo Lake in background

LA Irises at the "Koi Pond" at Plantation Point Nursery, Mooringsport, LA

Weeping Willow and other plants in our side garden

And best of all, conventions are great opportunities for meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

My Aunt Adell Tingle, who loved flowers, standing in a sea of LA irises in Lafayette, LA

Me, my sister Bobbie, Donna Wolford, Dick Sloan and Harry Wolford - a bunch of "iris nuts"

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed seeing them in person.  Moreover, I hope to see you at a convention in the near future.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you the best in the New Year.

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  1. Lovely pictures! I really like the Splitter Splatter iris, funny the way the colours blend. :-)


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