Wednesday, July 25, 2012

IRISES, the Bulletin of the AIS - July 2012 Edition

By Andi Rivarola

I hope you enjoy reading IRISES, the Bulletin of The American Iris Society, as much as I do. Here's the beautiful cover of the July edition: a pond surrounded by Japanese irises. What else can one ask for in this world? Isn't it just heavenly?

There are several sections of IRISES that caught my attention, and here are just a few of them to give you a taste of what's coming (via mail in a couple of weeks, or available now if you are subscribed to the Electronic Edition).

There is an awesome article called "How to Avoid Volunteering (or Being Volunteered)" by none other than Mr. Entertainment himself, winner of the AIS 2012 President's Cup (best in Region at a AIS Convention), California hybridizer Richard Richards.  You can rest assured that his article will take you to iris realms you've never been to before.

AIS Marketing & Committee Co-Chair Bob Pries writes "We Are Growing Again," about the latest membership growth experienced by our organization.

The always-informative columns, "Sections Happenings" by Jim Morris, and "Youth Views" by Cheryl Deaton

Bonnie Nichols writes a wonderful and tempting invitation to the 2013 Dallas National Convention, as well as she should, since she's the gracious Chairwoman.

The writer of Contemporary Views, Perry Dyer, discusses an interesting topic, "The Backyard Hybridizer."

And finally, Pat McNeal shares the last of her tips on "Selling Irises at the Farmers' Market."

There is much more in this edition of IRISES. I hope that this peek at the titles and the names of our contributors heightens your anticipation.  

For those new to the American Iris Society, you may choose to receive the printed edition of IRISES, or you can become an e-member and read the entire publication online. For more information, please go to our website's membership information section

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