Friday, May 11, 2012

A Guide to Bearded Irises -- By Kelly D. Norris

Please join me while I congratulate our friend and colleague, the Editor of The American Iris Society's quarterly magazine, IRISES, Kelly D. Norris.

Kelly is in the final stages, and almost ready to publish his book, "A Guide To Bearded Irises," and had a few copies available for us to enjoy, acquire and take home with us during the recent National Convention of The American Iris Society, held in Ontario, CA. Although the actual publishing date is set for May 23rd, we were very happy to take home this precious book earlier than anticipated. We took part of a formal reception that we all enjoyed (photos below).

Writing personal dedications

It was very inspiring to see (experience, is really a better word) Kelly in this fashion. I felt like a father who has recently seen his son graduate. So proud of him.

It is something special, when someone from "the iris family" turns a corner and achieves a moment like this. I wish you much success Kelly.

A great presentation and a few words of appreciation

Anna & David Cadd and friends with a copy of Kelly's book

A very happy Debbie Babuscio with her own copy
I have not read Kelly's book as of yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. Here's just a glimpse of what's inside besides the magnificent pictures and clear descriptions of what it means to be an iris fanatic:

"With this book I feel like I'm telling an epic story about how to grow and love magically colored bearded irises, complete with a dashing cast of characters, a rich historical backdrop, and an optimistic and enterprising protagonist -- you. This is a book about iris lovers -- plant lovers of a special kind who seek out rhizome sales like garage sales, track the comings and goings of bearded irises with unabashed addiction, and approach color-laden standards, falls and beards without fear. If you're holding this book, you're lover already, or one in eager training."

Kelly, you're describing me to perfection.

Timber Press has more information about the book, please click on the link to get more information.

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